Sketching, visual notetaking and graphic recording.

How to start?

Sketching helps you to communicate abstract ideas visually. Starting is probably much easier to do than you think. You don't have to be an artist, sketching is not about perfection, it's just trying and having fun!


To get started you need:


Pens & Markers

For the outlines, I like to use permanent fineliners for example the SketchOne Set from Neuland or the PITT artist pens. For coloring and shading you can use any kind of marker. I usually use the fineOnes with their super flexible brush nib or simply a text highlighter.  



For sketchnotes I use white coated paper, but regular printer paper or a spiral-bound notebook will also work.

Tip: If you are visiting a conference, take a clipboard with single sheets of paper with you. It will help you to have a stable surface to sketch. 



To start practicing just sketch while watching a TED Talk or take notes during a meeting at work. You can also sketch your shopping list. There are no limits. Just give it a try!

Live Sketchnoting

Before you start with sketchnoting and creative notetaking, I recommend you to start developing your own visual vocabulary first. This means going back to the fundamental elements such as drawing containers, arrows, shapes, people, faces and emotions.


Sketching Workshops

The best part about sketching is that it can be learned. My big passion is showing others how to sketch and use this skill in their daily life.

Are you interested in developing your own visual vocabulary, building up your sketching skills and bringing your notes to the next level? I give hands-on and business workshops for groups or inhouse. Just contact me for more information.


The workshop can be held in German, English or Spanish.

Graphic Recording

Graphic recording or visual facilitation involves capturing ideas and making content visible in realtime. Contrary to sketchnoting, graphic recording is done in large format. The goal is to make the content visible and available for all participants and is usually used to document keynotes at conferences or meetings.

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